Self Portrait (With Cat)Hi, I’m Alicia Traveria. That’s “ah-LEE-see-ah,” rhymes with “POLICE-ee-ah.” Hence the name of this site.

I’m a 50% Cuban, 50% hillbilly blend, a native Floridian turned Texas transplant, and a 100% genuine geek girl.

Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, I attended Syracuse University earning a BFA in Illustration in 2002.  Upon graduating, I moved to Austin, Texas and have lived here ever since. In that time, I’ve worked as a jewelry designer, an animator, a product designer, a creator of my own handicrafts and goods, and as (my favorite) an illustrator.

When I am not drawing, sewing, or baking Tom Selleck cakes and the like, I like to spend my time working on my dream garden, reading, Netflixing, and enjoying the company of my family and the two best cats in the world, ever.